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FGP Sensors has recently released the ultra-miniature XA1000 Accelerometer, which benefits from the latest advances in micro machines, silicon-sensor technology and manufacturing techniques.

Available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , it has a very low viscosity fluid that provides 0.7 critical damping and minimises temperature based phase shift.

The XA1000 comprises a 1/2 bridge with the Wheatstone bridge completed by an external module incorporating temperature compensation for a defined temperature range with respect to the ambient temperature.

The robust XA 1000 withstands acceleration up to 10,000g.

There are two mounting styles: type A for gluing and type-B with mounting brackets.

FGP sensors, in their design and manufacture, are renowned for their experience in adapting their product to specific environments or custom applications.

In addition, FGP sensors supply a wide range of signal conditioning, power supply and output modes so as to provide complete calibrated ready to use measurements.

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