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Pacific Instruments has introduced a transducer channel module for 5800 series transient recorders.

Features include:
* Dual inputs, strain gage or transducers and low impedance charge
* Programmable bridge configuration, no jumper or wiring changes
* Continuously programmable voltage excitation
* Automatic Zero and Balance
* Four Step Shunt calibration
* 100kHZ band width
* Four eight-pole low pass filters
* 10 to 1M Samples per second with 16-bit resolution
* Up to 4M non volatile data storage

Pacific Instruments has released the 5821, which is a channel module for the 5800 series transient recorders that is used to acquire and record high frequency transducer signals. The 5821 conditions, amplifies, filters, digitises and stores data from strain gage, bridge, thermocouple, potentiometer and piezoelectric (IEPE) or other similar voltage output transducers.

The conditioned transducer output is digitised and recorded in non volatile solid state memory. It records calibration; pre trigger and post trigger data. The quantities and sample rates of pre and post trigger data storage are user selected, enabling the channel’s data storage to be configured according to the characteristics of the data being acquired. The 5821 can be configured for multiple records, each using the same and pre and post trigger sampling profile.

Battery life is extended by sequencing power. The solid state data storage memory has 40 hours of independent back up power.

Pacific’s manufacture transducer signal conditioning, data acquisition and telemetry systems are used to record, display and analyse physical measurements.

Available from Metromatics.

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