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The 3003B Dytran accelerometer from Metromatics

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article image Dytran Accelerometer model 3003B for down hole drilling applications.
The 3003B Dytran model is a high performance triaxial IEPE accelerometer from Metromatics . Designed for down-hole drill head vibration monitoring, the model is capable of operating at temperatures of up to +185°C.

Delivering accurate and reliable data whilst simultaneously tolerating harsh conditions is what the down-hole vibration monitoring sensors are developed for.

Critical characteristics of these sensors include:

  • a miniature design
  • high temperature operation
  • the ability to operate at low power levels
Dytran's latest accelerometer is ideal for such applications, as it is packaged in miniature titanium housing with a vertical height of just 0.9271 cm The model is capable of reliable operation at temperatures up to +185°C and was specially designed to operate from +4.0 to +5.5 VDC compliance voltage.

Offered with a sensitivity of 2 mV/g and 500g range it is also designed with adhesive mounting capabilities. Incorporating four permanently attached 22-in long lead wires, the accelerometer weighs just 6g.

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