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APPLIED Microsystems Corporation has released its PowerTAP low level debug, test and emulation tool for IBM PowerPC 405 CR embedded processor systems. PowerTAP comes with the latest release of the MWX-ICE 4.4 debugger equipped with Applied's New System Browser technology.

PowerTAP is a PowerPC specific tool that integrates the industry's most robust C/C++ symbolic debugger with a networked, high-speed in-circuit emulator (ICE).

PowerTAP gives engineers working on PowerPC 405CR systems unprecedented visibility into the processor's integrated registers, cache and MMU as well as crash proof in target control.

The PowerTAP emulator comes with Applied's new System Browser technology and the latest MWX-ICE 4.4 debugger which allows the engineer not only to see, document and manage the configuration of the 405CR processor per IBM and ASIC specifications, but also allows the engineer to see, document and configure every memory mapped standard and custom peripheral component in its system.

System Browser technology is unique in its ability to access the registers of all components on the board via an easy to use browser while running the code - a significant timesaving development feature.

Equipped with the new PowerTAP/MWX-ICE 4.4 solution, PowerPC users can:

· See the memory map of the entire system.

· Retrieve details down to the bit level.

· Add new custom peripherals (useful SoC and SoPC designs).

· Debug code in cache, ROM, RAM, Flash.

· Support the new Elf/Dwarf2 compiler standard.

PowerTAP has a user-friendly interface so engineers can quickly and easily sort out logic and design flaws, peripheral configuration problems, cache configuration issues that affect performance and setup problems with on and off chip peripherals. Metromatics 07 38684255.

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