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HUNTRON, represented by Metromatics , has introduced the Huntron Tracker 4000, which provides state of the art troubleshooting methodology using analogue signature analysis techniques.

The dual trace CRT display quickly compares known good component signatures with the device under test, thus detecting subtle problems such as IC leakage, intermittent faults, etc.

All this and more without the need to power up the circuit under test and perhaps cause further damage.

The Tracker 4000 is capable of troubleshooting a wide range of components. Passive devices, surface mount, low voltage, logic, CMOS, TTL, and mixed signal technology boards, are all within the Tracker 4000's capability.

The Tracker 4000 can supply any combination of more than 6000 selections of voltage, source resistance and test frequency and up to 20 customised test groups can be stored internally with four ranges per group which will produce the optimum display of the devices signature.

Testing a circuit with differing combinations of voltage, resistance and frequency allows the user to effectively isolate components, essentially eliminating any parallel influences.

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