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SBS technologies introduces seven rugged COTS systems chassis

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SBS Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computer solutions, expands their already extensive line of rugged systems and enclosures by announcing seven rugged systems chassis.

The seven rugged systems chassis are the 3 slot 3U conduction-cooled RCBC03, 3 slot 3U conduction-cooled RCBC03 with fastening footpads, 3 slot 6U conduction-cooled RCCC03, 7 slot 6U conduction-cooled RCFC07, 8 slot conduction-cooled 6U RCFC08, 12 slot ATR conduction-cooled 6U RCFC12, and the 17 slot convection-cooled 6U RCFA17 chassis.

The rugged cots systems chassis are designed to support SBS systems that will be deployed in harsh environments like submarine and naval applications, sonar and radar systems, land based and avionic and aerospace systems in combat ground vehicles and UAVs. Because all of these systems chassis use standard backplane technology like CompactPCI and VME, customers can choose just the right embedded Cots boards for their customised designs and quickly field their applications.

* Four AdvancedMC bays interconnected through high-speed PCI Express (AMC.1) and Gigabit Ethernet (AMC.2) switches 
* Two front access AdvancedMCs or the entire carrier blade may be hot swapped
* Baseboard management controller supporting IPMI v1.5 system management
* x8 PCIe interface to bays 2 and 3 and x4 PCIe interface to bays 0 and 1
* Supports telecom master clock generation, distribution and control
* Interconnected to the BladeCenterT Server’s mid-plane via Gigabit Ethernet

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