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SBS Technologies unveils V2S 6U VMEbus-based single board computer

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Motorola MPC7447A 1 GHz PowerPC processor

2eSST VMEbus

Marvell Discovery III system controller bridge chip

Conduction or convection cooled

SBS Technologies Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computer solutions, is continuing its role as an embedded computer industry market leader by releasing V2S 6U VMEbus-based single board computer (SBC).

This high-performance SBC is ideal for applications that require high-speed data transfers such as medical imaging, automation, and other applications that involve intensive image processing. The conduction-cooled version of the V2S SBC is especially suited for military, avionics and industrial controller applications that operate in harsh environments.

The V2S 6U VME PowerPC single board computer is powered by a 1 GHz MPC7447A PowerPC, with a 512 KByte on-chip L2 cache, 512 Mbytes or 1 Gbyte of DDR SDRAM, and soldered boot flash memory of 256 Mbytes. The 2eSST VMEbus Bridge chip supports the VME 2eSST synchronous protocol, which can provide data transfer rates up to 320 Mbytes/second for high-performance data throughput.

The V2S has all the bells and whistles one would expect from a processor board that redefines VMEbus performance, including a Marvell MV64460 PowerPC system controller (Discovery III) bridge chip, two Gigabit Ethernet ports (three with the convection version), one 64-bit 66 MHz PCI bus interface, and two MPSC ports for RS-232 and RS-422 rear I/O ports.

The 6U V2S SBC is offered in convection and conduction-cooled versions, and hosts one single-wide 64bit/66Mhz PMC site that supports a standard IEEE 1386.1 PMC module to easily expand I/O capability.

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