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Rugged Flight Ready System for Real-Time MIL-STD-1553 Analysis

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Metromatics , through SBS Technologies, introduces rugged flight ready system for real-time MIL-STD-1553 analysis.

AVC-cPCI-3008 6-slot conduction-cooled PASS Analyser system provides cost-effective in-flight monitoring and analysis of avionics systems

· Real-time in-flight aircraft systems monitoring and analysis

· SBS PASS 3200 MIL-STD-1553 bus analysis application

· 4-Channel MIL-STD-1553 interface

· 6-slot 3U CompactPCI(r) conduction-cooled chassis with +28VDC power supply

SBS Technologies is continuing its role as a leading provider of embedded computing technology for defence and aerospace applications by announcing the availability of the AVC-cPCI-3008, an advanced embedded 3U CompactPCI ruggedised PASS Analyser system for in-flight data monitoring and analysis.

The rugged AVC-cPCI-3008 PASS Analyser can store data in crash survivable memory and in removable memory for routine maintenance. The AVC-cPCI-3008 functions as a flight-ready 1553 bus data monitoring, collection and analysis system that can easily be fitted into new aircraft or retrofitted inexpensively into older aircraft. This robust data analysis tool provides time-stamped real-time data in engineering form that can be analysed on-board or downloaded to a notebook-based ground station for immediate analysis.

The AVC-cPCI-3008 data analyser system is the SBS PASS 3200 1553 data bus analyser application software. Utilising an improved operator interface with graphical displays, PASS 3200 is easy to use and allows intuitive interpretation of flight data. PASS 3200 features include remote control over a network, graphical display for quick data display, real-time engineering unit conversions, and the ability to time-correlate and simultaneously view data from multiple data buses in a single display window.

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