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Remote interface for rugged environments From Metromatics

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SBS Technologies Model RIU-1000 is a remote interface unit that can be used in rugged environments.

The SBS RIU-1000 design is leveraged from SBS Technologies' DIO (DSP-based Input/Output) product line, allowing distributed I/O communications, controlled over a MIL-STD 1553 bus.

The RIU-1000 interface, available from Metromatics,  has an adaptable modular architecture with a pre-defined set of generic interfaces selected to suit a wide range of common I/O requirements. The RIU-1000 is a new line of general purpose remote interface units, giving a true off-the shelf solution to the challenge of providing low-cost, high density data and control communications within an integrated avionics, navtronics and vetronics architecture.

Originally developed for vehicle management system applications, where interface flexibility, physical robustness, weight, power, and space are critical considerations, the rugged RIU-1000's compact system measures less than 50 cubic inches and weighs 2.6 lbs.

As a general purpose remote interface unit, the RIU-1000's FPGA- and DSP-based I/O core provides highly flexible generic I/O interfaces designed to suit common vehicle system applications.

The RIU-1000's standard configuration consists of a motherboard and two daughterboards, making the system easily adaptable to changing customer requirements. One daughterboard provides a MIL-STD 1553 control interface. The other daughterboard contains a variety of discrete and analogue I/O with more than 100 interface channels, and its highly flexible software interface architecture provides flexible user control and in-circuit programmability. Other control interfaces and I/O options are also available.

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