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Rack mounting data acquisition computing platforms

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DEWETRON has released the DEWE-800 Series rack mounting data acquisition computing platforms.

The DEWE-800 is available in two basic models:

* DEWE-800 - with slots on the front panel for up to 16 channels of single channel, plug-in DAQ modules (16 dynamic channels)

* DEWE-801 - with four positions on the front panel on the front panel for the 16 channel MDAQ modules (64 dynamic channels).

Available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , the DEWE-800 PC instrument is the perfect platform for many data acquisition applications but is ideal for laboratory use or for 19" rack mount.

The system can have up to 16 front accessible plug in DAQ and PAD amplifiers and accepts signals from mV to kV and any sensors such as pressure, strain, force and temperature.

The DEWE-801 is ideal for high channel count data acquisition applications in the laboratory or out in the field.

The system can have up to 64 front accessible channels with MDAQ amplifiers and it can be configured for voltage inputs, vibration sensors, microphones, or strain gages.

The DEWE-801 can also be extended with DAQ modules to accept a wide of signals from mV to kV, similar to the DEWE-800.

The DEWE-800 and the DEWE-801 runs any Windows software. By adding the DEWESoft software, the system can provide functions of a recorder, scope, FFT-analyser and more.

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