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RES-110 Ethernet switch available from Metromatics

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RES-110 Ethernet switch is designed for harsh military and commercial environments:

  • Lightweight compact milled aluminium alloy chassis
  • -40° to +71°C operation
  • 10 Ports,Layer 2 and Layer 3 fully managed
  • Built In Test (BIT) function

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, a provider of embedded military and commercial solutions, expands their already extensive line of network products with the introduction of the rugged RES-110 Layer 2 and 3 managed Ethernet switch.

RES-110 is a Layer 2 and Layer 3 (routing) managed Gigabit Ethernet switch in a rugged, self-contained chassis. It is a stand-alone switch where the embedded processor performs all Layer 2 and Layer 3 management functions with no host CPU intervention.

Switch management can be performed through a serial RS-232 interface using CLI or an in-band Ethernet interface using Telnet, HTTP or SNMP-based network management with a standard Web browser.

The RES-110 is powered by a 28V power supply designed to MIL-STD-704E with optional 50ms hold-up.

Built for rugged, heat-sensitive environments, the RES-110 is conduction cooled and conformal coated, supporting a temperature range of -40º to +71ºC.

It has two 128-pin series connectors and one 6-pin D38999 connector. Just over 4 pounds, the RES-110 sports significant decreases in wiring harness weight and volume to substantially reduce build time.

With its enhanced protection from heat and environmental contaminates, the RES-110 is ideal for military applications such as avionics, radar and harsh environment networking.

The RES-110 available from Metromatics is an ideal modular package optimised to meet customers’ challenging performance and thermal requirements in the harsh environments typically encountered in military environments or commercial applications.

This rugged switch provides Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for deployment in harsh tactical combat environments.

The RES-110 features an innovative wiring harness that reduces wiring weight, volume and complexity, making it ideal for integration into ground and airborne vehicles and other rugged Ethernet applications.

Compliant with the MIL-STD-810E specification, the RES-110 is designed to operate under high temperature, shock and vibration conditions.

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