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DEWETRON has introduced the PNA-3010 power network analyser which performs four critical power quality measurements simultaneously. It is literally four instruments in one.

The functions of the PNA-3010 include: a selection of input configurations including single phase or three phase measurements; input of transformer scaling factors; vector diagrams for phase control; multimeter; simple input of remarks and names; and an 8-channel oscilloscope display for voltage and current with auto scaling and auto trigger.

It also offers real-time synchronisation via radio clock, analysis parameter according to EN50160, voltage and current analysis, power analysis and harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonic.

The PNA-3010 uses integration into control systems and networks via Windows software with 12.1" touchscreen display, an internal 4GB hard disk drive, with eight isolated input channels or four for current and four for voltage.

The first instrument of the PNA-3010, that runs simultaneously with the other three instruments, includes: an FFT analyser for harmonics and interharmonics with all currents and voltages; detection of flow direction; statistical calculations; and total harmonic distortion (THD).

The second instrument includes an energy flow monitor which includes a strip chart for all values, table with minimum, mean and maximum values, historical data and integration of work.

The third instrument includes a flicker meter which contains short and long term flicker, along with actual values and history.

The last instrument the PNA-3010 offers in the one instrument is a voltage monitor. Its features include voltage monitoring according to standards, event list, statistical calculations and histograms. Metromatics 07 38684255.

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