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METROMATICS has released the Dash 8XPM, which provides the capabilities of a high end data acquisition recorder and a dedicated power monitoring system in one useful tool.

With AstroPower’s Dash 8XPM, it is possible to record power trends, events and transients for days, weeks or months at a time.

AstroPower’s device offers a versatile, real-time display of data. In addition to seeing raw power signals, users can also view power displays, phase diagrams, phase displays, harmonics, RMS displays and sequential components in real-time.

AstroPower allows users to monitor and log power anomalies, including power interrupts, power sags, power swells, frequency deviations, harmonics and unbalances in real-time. An unlimited number of power events can be logged to file for later review.

Features include:

* 8 Channels of inputs for single phase and three phase power monitoring

* 88 hours of continuous recording

* Capture transients at a sample rate of 200kHz per channel

* Months of trend recording

* Measure a wide range of parameters with AstroPower software including RMS current and voltage, real and reactive power, power factor and THD.

AstroPower lets users monitor and record transients and glitches for later review and analysis. Transients are sampled at 200kHz per channel, helping determine precisely what is wrong with the power.

AstroPower's powerful review software lets users review captured data at the touch of a button. Users can review raw data, logged events and transient data. It even lets redefine events and rescan captured files for different events.

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