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article image The Dash 8X data acquisition and recording system.
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A NEW portable data acquisition system introduced by Astro-Med, and available from Metromatics , offers the fastest throughput of any recorder of its type, according to the manufacturer.

Designated the Dash 8X, the unit can simultaneously capture eight analogue channels to an internal hard drive at a sample rate of 200kHz per channel and four scope channels at a sample rate of 10MHz per channel for a total of 12 channels of data acquisition.

The Dash 8X is equipped with a 15" diagonal monitor for intuitive touch-screen control and real-time data viewing and analysis.

Other features include an internal hard drive for capturing data, Ethernet interface for command and control; all built into a compact, rugged case for field or lab use.

Designed for applications ranging from process trending to transient capture to remote troubleshooting, the Dash 8X is portable and rugged enough to handle any environment.

Modular inputs allow each channel to be configured independently for isolated high voltage (up to 600V rms), thermocouple, RTDs, pressure transducers and load cells and other inputs, eliminating the need for external signal conditioning.

Signals up to 40kHz can be recorded with an A/D resolution up to 16-bit depending on the module, ideal for ultra-precise recording.

The versatile digital signal processing of the Dash 8X provides a wide variety of filtering capabilities, including lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filtering.

The Dash 8X is equipped with 10/100BaseT Ethernet for direct connection to a PC for recorder setup and data upload/review. Windows-based AstroVIEW X software allows data to be imported to a PC for data analysis and review.

The user can import data to popular spreadsheet and analysis programs including Excel, FlexPro, DADiSP and MathCAD with a simple conversion command. Scaling for each channel is customisable, allowing the Dash X to display data in user-defined Engineering Units.

The math feature of the Dash 8X also provides powerful FFT analysis of data captured on the hard drive, with features such as windowing functions and selectable window sizes.

An optional high resolution, chart printer is available - which can print data in real-time or from memory - turns the Dash 8X into a powerful data acquisition and recording system.

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