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Pacific Instruments model 6165 amplifier available from Metromatics

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Pacific Instruments – Model 6165 features:

  • Isolated excitation and input
  • 300 volts common mode
  • Voltage substitution calibration
  • Automatic zero
  • Gains 1 to 5,000
  • 50 kHz Bandwidth, 100 kHz optional
  • Six-pole, low pass filter
  • Dual analogue outputs
  • Program monitoring of output
Pacific Instruments introduced model 6165 a two channel amplifier-filter module. Each channel has isolate input 50 kHz bandwidth and two outputs that can be filtered or wideband. Bandwidth of 100 kHz is optional.

The input is two-wire shielded and is isolated from the outputs, power and control interface. This gives the user complete freedom to ground the input without creating ground loops that introduce noise and offset errors. The isolation provides for operation with up to ±300 Volts of common mode applied to the input.

The differential instrumentation amplifier has programmable gains from 1 to 5,000 and automatic zero. The standard filter is a six-pole Bessel with four programmable bandwidths and wideband. An optional four-pole Bessel filter has continuously programmable bandwidth with 1 Hz resolution below 1 kHz and 5 Hz above 1 kHz. Each channel has two buffered, ±10 Volt outputs. The output can be digitally monitored using any of the supported interfaces.

Voltage substitution calibration, employing an external standard, is provided for gain calibration. Automatic zero and gain calibration are implemented in PI610 software.

Pacific Instruments manufacture high performance data acquisition, signal conditioning and transient recording systems. 

Metromatics  is the distributor for Pacific Instruments in Australia & New Zealand.

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