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PMC bus adaptor bandwidth doubled

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SBS Technologies has introduced two new 2-gigabit fibre channel host bus adaptors (HBAs) that address the ever-expanding bandwidth requirements of real time and storage applications.

The two FC23 64-bit/66MHz PCI mezzanine cards (PMCs) support 400MB/s full-duplex and 200MB/s half-duplex data transfer rates and automatically negotiate 1 or 2 gigabit fibre channel bit rates.

FC23-PMC-1C features one copper interface via a high-speed serial data connector (HSSDC) port. FC23-PMC-1F provides one fibre port that supports multimode LC duplex fibre-optic cable.

Both PMCs take full advantage of industry standard fibre channel features and benefits, plus incorporate value added features such as a streamlined protocol engine, RemoteDMA protocol, and SCSI target protocol.

Device drivers for Solaris, Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000 are provided for standard file system and network support.

The high-sustained throughput and low latency offered by the FC23 series are made possible by a rich feature set. The single chip engine that includes an enhanced RISC processor, fibre channel protocol manager, 2-gigabit transceivers and on chip frame buffers, optimises performance.

To ease integration and simplify operation, the PMCs automatically negotiate 1-or 2-gigabit fibre channel bit rates. Consequently, a FC23 card can be connected to a FC22 card, and FC23 PMC will automatically operate at the 1-gigabit rate of the FC22.

SCSI target/initiator protocol support allows a computer to function as a SCSI target; as such it achieves maximum bandwidth for peer to peer communications. The computer can concurrently be both an initiator and a target, thus allowing full-duplex peer-to-peer communications at aggregate rates over 400MB/s.

For system flexibility, the highest bandwidth and lowest transfer latency, RemoteDMA bypasses complex protocol stacks. Data can be moved between one system and another workstation or single board computer (SBC) without using any processor cycles on the remote computer. Metromatics 07 3868 4255.

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