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PMC ULTRA320 SCSI adapter card

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article image The new Ultra320 SCSI PMC adaptor card.
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SBS Technologies, represented in Australia by Metromatics Pty Ltd , has released a new Ultra320 SCSI PMC adaptor card.

The PMC-USCSI320 PMC module's high performance single channel is ideal for disk, tape, CD-ROM or other storage media and SCSI peripheral applications in VME, CompactPCI, or PCI-based systems.

The PMC-USCSI320 PMC module supports single-ended or differential signaling for asynchronous or synchronous SCSI operations and convenient physical I/O access is available via a 68-pin SCSI-III connector on the PMC's front panel.

This PMC features the LSI Logic LSI53C1020 ULTRA320 SCSI controller chip with SCSI SCRIPTS processor support, which allows bus transfer rates up to 320MB/s synchronous across a 16-bit SCSI bus.

The PMC-USCSI320 PMC supports Direct Memory Access (DMA) with 256 bytes of FIFO and is compliant with standard single-wide PMC IEEE P1386.1 and PCI 2.2 specifications.

The PMC-USCSI320 is backwards compatible with Fast SCSI, ULTRA SCSI, ULTRA2 SCSI, and ULTRA160 SCSI devices.

Drivers for Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 are available.

Features include:

* Boosts data transfer rate up to 320MB/s

* 32/64-bit, 33/66/100/133MHz PMC interface

* Single channel HD68 SCSI III interface

* LED indicators for Activity, Terminator Power, Heartbeat and Terminator Active.

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