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Optilia introduces endoscope lenses

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Optilia has introduced a range of rigid Flexia Borescope lenses. These lenses are simply snapped on the Flexia C2 Video Microscope to monitor the hard to reach areas inside different objects such as mechanical parts and assemblies, machines, engines, turbines, pipes etc. The Flexia Borescope lenses use fibre optics light guides to illuminate the inspection area and high quality relay lenses to transport the images to the Flexia C2 Camera Unit.

The Flexia Borescope creates bright and high resolution pictures of hard to reach objects on any video CRT or TFT monitor. In addition, Flexia Borescopes can be simply connected to a PC or laptop for digital image recording, software analysis and documentation. The Borescope lenses are available in different lengths, direction of views and diameters to meet the requirements of any specific application

Optilia specialise in the manufacture of highly flexible, ergonomic and reliable video microscopes that provide their customers’ unique possibilities to inspect, measure, and quality control their products, manufacturing processes and production lines. Optilia’s range of products complement, Metromatics existing diagnostic test equipment product and other products lines.

  • High resolution optics with adjustable magnification
  • Water and oil resistance Endoscope Lenses so ideal for inspection of machined parts and many other applications
  • Easy to transport and operate in the field

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