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NextComputing’s compact workstation computers available from Metromatics offer immersive 3D experience

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Leading manufacturer of small form-factor workstations and servers, NextComputing presents its Nucleus compact graphics workstations with a new enhancement that enables an immersive 3D experience for professional graphics applications.  

The new compact workstation computers allow professional users to work in an immersive 3D environment within their favourite graphics software applications.  

NextComputing’s graphics workstations combine the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro system, NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions from PNY Technologies, and the Planar SA2311W 23-inch 3D monitor to deliver designers, digital artists, engineers and geospatial analysts a single turnkey solution for working in stereoscopic 3D with a variety of popular applications.  

NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro with NVIDIA Quadro graphics offers a high quality and advanced stereoscopic 3D environment for professional users. The system combines a pair of active shutter glasses and RF emitter with a certified NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and a compatible 120Hz display using the Planar SA2311W full-HD (1920x1080) 23-inch widescreen monitor.  

When combined with NextComputing's high-performance and compact Nucleus workstations, power users have a reliable platform ready to run their preferred applications out of the box.  

Users also have access to NextComputing's world-class customisation services including OEM configuration management and private labelling for small volume orders.  

Key features of the Nucleus graphics workstation computers:  

  • Compact space-saving small form-factor mini tower chassis with an attractive and durable silver finish 
  • High-performance Intel Xeon and Core i7 processing 
  • Up to 8 removable internal 2.5" hard drives for up to 8TB of high-speed RAID storage 
  • Full range of ISV-certified NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions 
  • Convenient carrying handle for moving the system between locations     
NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro certified applications in industries such as:
  • Geospatial Intelligence 
  • Digital Content Creation (DCC)   
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Life Sciences and Medical 
  • Computer Aided Design/Engineering (CAD/CAE) 
  • Advanced Visualisation     
NextComputing’s compact workstation computers are available in Australia from Metromatics .

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