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NextComputing’s Deployable Network Attached Storage Solutions available from Metromatics Ltd

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NextComputing’s new line of Deployable Network Attached Storage solutions ((D-NAS) available from Metromatics tackles data management challenges outside data centres.    

Designed for data-intensive storage scenarios, the new D-NAS series of portable storage appliances offers high-capacity, high-speed, redundant storage with Fibre Channel and 10G network connectivity in compact, easily transportable configurations.  

The Deployable Network Attached Storage solutions are designed for data-intensive mission-critical storage applications such as seismic data collection, geospatial imagery analysis and network traffic recording.  

In most cases this data is collected and stored in a fixed location such as a data centre or central office.  

In situations where this valuable data needs to be gathered at or close to the source, data must be analysed or manipulated in the field, or physically moved to another location for further processing.  

Transporting traditional enterprise NAS hardware is not practical for these deployed situations, and typical portable computers such as laptops are simply not designed for storage.  

The D-NAS solution allows high-bandwidth data to be captured and analysed directly at the source, or be easily moved off-site after collection.  

Additionally, the ability to quickly transport sensitive data is ideal for disaster recovery scenarios, particularly for government agencies.  

D-NAS relies on industry-leading storage controller technology from LSI and all D-NAS systems include LSI MegaRAID series high port-count 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID controllers as the backbone for their internal storage arrays.  

The D-NAS series is based on ‘FleXtreme’, NextComputing's high-performance, dense computing architecture that powers many of its flagship server and workstation products. Form factors include an all-in-one briefcase chassis, with or without a built-in 17-inch display, or a 3U rackmount chassis with optional rugged transit case and 1U keyboard/monitor drawer.    

Since the FleXtreme design is based entirely on open-standards chipsets and processors, users can run other applications on D-NAS systems unrestricted, realising better total value by functioning as multi-purpose servers.

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