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New scalable modular single board computers extending product life

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GE Intelligent Platforms has launched a new range of modular single board computers (SBCs) designed specifically to deliver high performance over the long term with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Single board computers can play a critical role in processing significant amounts of data that characterise the connected world while ensuring that data is directed to where it is required in the shortest possible time. SBCs therefore, form the core of highly complex, sophisticated and demanding data-driven networks. 

The modular design of GE’s new family of SBCs allows them to deliver high levels of functionality and performance over longer periods of deployment and at lower cost than is possible with current monolithic single board computer designs.

The new family of scalable, modular single board computers is based on GE’s decades of experience in engineering SBCs for critical infrastructure applications, as well as their expertise in COM Express technology.

The new SBCs serve a wide range of applications across finance, medical, manufacturing, automation, communications, transportation and security sectors where a powerful computing capability is required to be embedded within a system or subsystem functioning in the highly connected world typical of today’s business operations. 

GE’s new family of single board computers addresses the problem faced by organisations that need to continually refresh the computing framework of critical infrastructure applications to maintain high performance throughout their extended lifespan, ensuring they remain competitive and grow the profitability of their business. However, this can involve significant time, effort and expense as new technologies are qualified for deployment. With GE’s modular SBCs, critical systems can be easily updated with less effort and at lower cost.

The new family of modular GE SBCs achieves this by separating the computing core (processor, chipset and memory) on a COM Express module from the carrier card (typically containing system I/O) on which the core is deployed. This allows the computing core to be simply and inexpensively upgraded to keep pace with increasing performance demands, while also minimising the risk to critical infrastructure from obsolescence issues, and reducing the cost. 

The first product in the new VM601 family is the VM601P1 modular dual slot 6U VME64 SBC featuring the QoriQ P1022 processor. Other family members will offer a choice of VIA Nano or Intel Core i7 processors. Additional SBC form factors will be added to the modular SBC family over time.

GE also offers a broad and flexible range of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) programs designed to mitigate the effects of obsolescence and make a significant contribution to lower total lifetime cost of ownership.

GE Intelligent Platforms is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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