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New portable battery powered ruggedised notebook computer from Metromatics

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Dewetron has introduced DEWE-3108, a new battery powered rugged industrial notebook computer.

In a single ruggedised notebook comes a full size PCI slot.

The DEWE-3108 contains Dewetron’s latest feature SideHAND. This is two high output lithium ion batteries that can be hot swapped while the system is running. Therefore, allowing the system to run indefinitely without external power connected.

The DEWE-3108 also contains an upgradeable CPU Board by way of miniITX (which can be upgraded in years from now).

Standard High Brightness TFT Touchscreen is available. Options available include WIFI, RAID and PCI Express Slots.

Dewetron provide a wide range of portable, rackmountable and battery powered data acquisition and computing solutions.

Metromatics  has distributing the Dewetron range of products for over ten years in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Full powered portable computer with hot swappable high output batteries
  • Intel CoreDuo 2.0 GHZ processor and 1 GB RAM (upgradeable to 3 GB)
  • Full size PCI Slot and all interfaces you need
  • Sturdy metal construction, high impact rubberized sides, shock absorption and resistance to scratching
  • Ideal for in-vehicle/aircraft computing, military applications, factory automation, off shore oil rigs and all types of field uses

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