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New generation boundary scan transceiver ICs

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GOEPEL Electronic has launched CION (configurable I/O network), a next generation range of parallel I/O ICs with special boundary scan architecture, available from Metromatics .

The circuit manufactured in CMOS technology offers configurable I/O functions combined with boundary scan features. It supports a variety of signal classes up to mixed level applications due of its wide operating voltage range.

CION has been optimised for low and ultra low voltage applications. In order to add support of mixed voltage requirements, the IC's four 8-bit I/O ports are independently programmable each from 1.8V to 5V.

The different operating modes implemented in CION allow the IC to be used as a pure 32-bit boundary scan transceiver or as a special 8-bit or 16-bit bus transceiver, selectable via mode control pins.

A highlight is the efficient boundary scan architecture of CION. Each signal pin, for example, can independently be set as input, output or tri-state. The output cells integrated ‘unstress’ feature is important especially for use in production test.

Unstress capability protects both the CION device as well as connected circuits against defects due to possible excessive current.

In addition to the standard instructions, the chip supports numerous optional instructions including IDCOD, HIGHZ, CLAMP and SHORTEX.

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