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New Pistonphone sound source available from Metromatics

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The GRAS Pistonphone type 42AP is a battery-operated, precision sound source for accurate and reliable calibration of measurement microphones, sound level meters and other sound measuring equipment.

Pistonphone type 42AP has a built-in precision barometer and a thermometer. Via its display and RS-232 interface, the user can read the actual corrected sound pressure level, as well as the calibration temperature and ambient static pressure.

With a microphone placed in the coupler of the pistonphone, the calibration level and frequency is:

  • Nominally 114dB re; 20µPa at either 250Hz or 251.2Hz

The actual sound pressure level, corrected for static ambient pressure, is shown on the display of the Pistonphone.

The display can also show the A-weighted sound pressure level after correcting it for using an A-weighting filter. An individual calibration chart is delivered with each Pistonphone.

The Display can be switched to show any of the following:

  • Actual corrected sound pressure level in decibels
  • Static air pressure in hPa
  • Calibration temperature in ºC or ºF

The type 42AP is a stable laboratory standard sound source which can also be used for field calibrations, it retains its high accuracy even under hostile environmental conditions (- 10°C to + 55°C).

Batteries used are 4 x AA alkaline or external power of 6V DC 125mA with a weight of 437g.

The type 42AP complies with all the requirements of IEC Standard 60942 (2003) LS.

Available accessories include: adapter for 1” microphones, two-port calibration coupler for ½” microphones, Octopus couplers for calibrating up to 8 microphones simultaneously.

Metromatics  represents GRAS in Australia and New Zealand.

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