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New GE graphics mezzanine cards available from Metromatics for legacy applications

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article image PMCCG1 graphics mezzanine cards are equipped with 256Mb of DDR2 memory
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GE Intelligent Platforms has recently announced PMCCG1 rugged PMC graphics mezzanine cards, available locally from Metromatics .

These graphics cards are designed specifically for retrofitting to legacy applications that take advantage of the PMC form factor, and can be deployed in the harsh environments typical of the modern battlefield.

Typical uses for the cards include HMI (human/machine interface) applications such as mission computing and cockpit displays on-board military vehicles where high quality, artefact-free video is required.

They can be supplied in five ruggedisation levels, from benign for development environments through to wide temperature (-40 ºC to +85 ºC) conduction-cooled.

At the heart of the PMCCG1 graphics mezzanine card is an S3 2300E GPU, which is designed to provide an optimal balance between high graphics performance and low power consumption / heat dissipation. This GPU features the PCI-X interface, ensuring PMCCG1 cards can deliver significantly improved performance when compared to previous generations of PMC graphics cards.

Additionally, the S3 2300E provides the long-term availability and support that are prerequisites for many military programs.

PMCCG1 graphics mezzanine cards offer an optimum upgrade path for users of GE’s PMCGA4 graphics card, while also delivering a compelling option for new customers whose application requires the PMC form factor.

They are equipped with 256 Mbytes of DDR2 memory and dual independent graphics channels, and are capable of resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200.

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