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New Acromag USB-configured 2-wire transmitters feature universal sink/source 4-20mA output for easy install

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Acromag introduces a new range of isolated transmitters featuring a convenient USB connection for simple installation and set-up.
Acromag’s new TT230 series of isolated transmitters is PC/Windows-programmable via USB for conversion of temperature, voltage and current inputs to sink/source-compatible 4-20mA control signals. These signal conditioners are only 12.5mm wide for high-density mounting on DIN rails and provide a convenient USB connection to a PC for simple, precise configuration using Windows software.
Acromag’s new TT230 series USB configured transmitters are available in a number of models to isolate and convert thermocouple, RTD, voltage or current input signals to a 4-20mA output. These 2-wire transmitters are loop-powered and support both source or sink output wiring connections on the current loop with a 12-32V DC supply.
Key features of Acromag’s new TT230 series isolated transmitters:

  • Ruggedized design enables -40°C to +80°C operation, electrical noise immunity and surge protection
  • Simple USB configuration and universal sink/source 4-20mA output accommodate virtually any process measurement/control application
  • All units support both 4-20mA sinking (2-wire) and sourcing output (3-wire) device wiring to eliminate confusing model selection
  • Thermocouple units accept eight different sensor types (J, K, T, R, S, E, B, N), as well as ±100mV inputs
  • RTD units accommodate 2-, 3-, and 4-wire 100 ohm platinum sensors or 0-900 ohm linear resistance inputs
  • Voltage models convert bipolar signals from ±10mV to ±150V DC with multiple selectable ranges
  • Current units widely adjustable to support ±20mA, 0-20mA, and 4-20mA DC input signals
Key benefits of Acromag’s new TT230 series isolated transmitters:

  • Delivers high accuracy, superior noise resistance and fast response times
  • Demonstrates excellent linearity and stability with very low temperature drift
  • Software calibration eliminates zero/span pots, DIP switches, and pushbuttons for easy programming
  • Programmable over/under range and fault/alarm levels enable identification of a ‘runaway’ process or broken sensor
  • Selectable up/downscale failsafe modes ensure safe, predictable shutdown with a NAMUR-compliant fault response
Acromag’s complete line of industrial I/O products includes process instruments, signal conditioning equipment, data acquisition boards, distributed I/O modules, and network communication devices.
Acromag is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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