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Metromatics releases Glasses Free 3D LCD display technology

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article image 3D LCD display technology can make it look like company branded product is popping out of the screen
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Metromatics  have recenlty released 22” 3D “Glasses Free” LCD display technology, ideal for point-of-sale, and commercial and marketing departments who want to make their product stand out from the pack.

Featuring E3D Auto Stereo Technology, True Volumetric Perception, and a durable and sleek design, these "Glasses Free" 3D LCD display screens are a great way to grab a customers attention - imaging the company branded product popping out of the screen just like it was the real thing.

The MS3D-ALL220F-W 3D LCD display screen represents the cutting edge of multi-view auto-stereo-scopic LCD technology and combines high definition resolution and unparalleled image quality with configurable I/O for digital signage.

The optimal viewing distance is 4-10 feet with a true volumetric perception as 12”. The 3D viewing angle (Left/Right) is 50 degrees and 2D viewing angle is 170 and 160 degrees with a resolution of 1680 x 1050.

The real draw card is the brightness and clarity that this 3D display technology provides, making images and advertisements in 3D viewing look almost real enough to reach out and grab it off the TV - 280 Nits with a contrast ration 1000:1.

The MetroSpec trademark is manufactured by Metromatics - innovators of custom built and off the shelf industrial, rugged and commercial sunlight readable LCD displays ranging from 10” - 42” in size for all types of projects and customer requirements, such as passenger information displays, information kiosks, video walls, shopfront windows and various other applications.

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