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Metromatics introduces new network-centric data acquisition and signal conditioning systems

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GE Fanuc Embedded Systems has released the new DaqScribe DSC-2200 series of signal conditioning systems and the DSC-2200.Net network-centric data acquisition systems. Housed in compact 2U rack mount enclosures, both systems are designed to offer low cost yet high performance with maximum ease of use.


The DSC-2200 system series supports up to 32 channels of signal conditioning – each of which is fully programmable and can be configured with its own personality module - per chassis. Personality modules include the DSC-2210 module for programmable amplification and filtering; the DSC-2220 module for strain gauge conditioning; and the DSC-2240 for ICP conditioning.

Multiple user programmable gain (from 0.1. to 1,000) and filter settings (4-pole Bessel, Butterworth or Chebychev with three low-pass selections in addition to a wideband option) per channel can be selected. Analogue bandwidth up to 1 MHz per channel is supported, and Ethernet connectivity is achieved via GUI-based software.


The DSC-2200.Net is designed to support low- to medium speed network-centric applications via the addition of a 16-bit, 1 MHz analogue to digital converter (ADC) with an Ethernet controller to the DSC-2200. LXI-compliant, and as easy to install as a network printer, the DSC-2200.Net system supports between 16 and 256 (in increments of 16) channels of analogue input through a single master unit, and multiple units can be synchronised for higher channel counts.

It provides user-programmable sampling up to 1 MHz at 16-bit resolution. The DSC-2200.Net is provided with the powerful, versatile DSS160 software suite to enable turnkey operation, supporting real-time tabular and graphical displays.

The user has full control of the DSC2200.Net configuration over the network. Sampling rate is provided by an internal programmable clock which can also be used as an output to synchronise external equipment or other units. Onboard memory provides data buffering to manage network traffic variations while configured to minimise data latency.

For maximum flexibility, the DSC-2200.Net supports the same personality modules as the DSC-2200, and provides digitised data over Ethernet and buffered analogue output. It is planned that a complete line of network-centric products will be developed to support a wide variety of sensor inputs such as bridge, ICP, charge amplifiers, thermocouples, RTD and discrete I/O. The product is available from Metromatics.  


  • Up to 256 channels of analogue input/32 channels of signal conditioning per 2U chassis
  • Personality modules per channel provide flexible amplification, filtering, excitation

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