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Metromatics Pty. Ltd offers TMX High-Speed Data Acquisition System from Astro-Med

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Metromatics Pty. Ltd  supplies a range of advanced equipment designed for various industrial applications.

Astro-Med, Inc., a world leader in the data acquisition and recording market has recently introduced the new TMX High-Speed Data Acquisition System that offers best-in-class efficiency for general purpose data capture, review, archive and analysis.

TMX High-Speed Data Acquisition System delivers industry-leading efficiency for data recording and analysis with 96 channels of data recording to a 1TB hard drive dedicated solely to data capture, allowing for data to be recorded for long durations in a single file.

These high-speed data acquisition products enable information to be extracted in real-time or a few minutes that would otherwise take hours to access.

The advanced processing technology in the TMX data acquisition system reduces downtime significantly.

Featuring Astro-Med's latest LookBack and QuickReview technologies, the TMX enables instant review of huge volumes of data during ongoing long-term data capture.

In addition, embedded scope capture and intelligent triggering capabilities preserve hard drive space while minimising archive time.

Advanced derived channel technology in the TMX enables real-time mathematics on the fly with no processing latency.

Highly customisable, the TMX High-Speed Data Acquisition System accepts a wide variety of inputs including voltage, thermocouple, DC Bridge, video, audio, IRIG, GPS and MIL-1553.

All inputs are fully synchronised to eliminate latency.

TMX systems are available in benchtop and rackmount versions.

The TMX can be configured for use in various industries including telemetry, aerospace and defence, automotive, power generation, transportation, steelworks, telecommunications as well as heavy industry among others.

Astro-Med, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty high tech printing systems, electronic medical instrumentation as well as test and measurement instruments. The company’s products are employed around the world in a wide range of aerospace, medical, military, industrial and packaging applications.

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