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Metromatics  presents a new range of affordable and user-friendly digital video wall solutions designed for easy installation.
Introduced in conjunction with Hiperwall Software, the MetroSpec digital video wall systems offer a versatile solution for applications as diverse as security in critical environments, advertising and information delivery.
Up until now, video wall technology has been very expensive and out of reach for most prospective users. MetroSpec digital video walls and Hiperwall Software solutions have now been brought together to make the technology more accessible and affordable to various user segments.
MetroSpec digital video walls utilise high quality commercial grade 46” screens with a total bezel width of 5.6mm ensuring a virtually seamless video display in standard or High Bright options.
Potential applications of MetroSpec digital video wall solutions:

  • Command and control: Fleet management, public safety, security monitoring, power grids
  • Medical and scientific imaging: Radiology, astronomy, nano technology, research
  • Digital signage: Retail, trade shows, entertainment, hospitality, public venues
  • Aerial photography: Urban planning, disaster recovery, military operations, energy exploration
Key features of MetroSpec digital video wall solutions:

  • Hiperwall Software displays all content as directed by the controller including Screen Senders, Streamers and content stored on the wall in advance
  • Controller manages how content is displayed on the wall, enabling the operator to control the size and location of each object as easily as moving and resizing windows on a PC desktop
  • Screen Senders are ordinary PCs that send constantly updated copies of their screen images to the wall
  • Streamers feed live video to the wall from cameras, DVD players and other video sources
  • Supported content includes still images, videos, live content from a digital camera, and other devices streamed across the network in standard and high definition
  • Content Control allows any piece of content to be moved to any location on the video wall by simply dragging a window around the desktop PC

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