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PACIFIC Instruments has released the instrumentation amplifier Model 6125.

The 6125 contains two-channels of high-performance, programmable differential instrumentation amplifier and filter with dual outputs.

The device installs in a 32-channel mainframe enclosure with IEEE-488, RS-232 or Ethernet programming interface. Slave enclosures, also 32-channel, may be used to expand the system up to 512 channels.

Each amplifier has two inputs. One input is dc coupled. The other input is ac coupled and has 1 to 20mA constant current excitation for voltage-mode charge and similar transducers.

Gain is programmable from 1 to 5,000 in sixteen steps or variable with 0.05% resolution over the entire range.

Bandwidth is 50kHz for the 6125 and 100kHz for the 6125HF for gains through 1,000.

The standard filter is an 8-pole low-pass with four programmable frequencies and wideband. An optional 4-pole, low-pass filter has continuous bandwidth selection with 1Hz resolution from 4Hz to 1kHz and 3Hz resolution from 1kHz to 10kHz.

Voltage substitution using an external traceable standard is provided for gain calibration.

Facilities are provided for automatic gain and zero calibration by software.

Each channel has two independent ±10V outputs that can be individually selected for wideband or filtered response. The output and all programmed settings may be read by software.

The 6125 is programmed by text strings written to the interface. PI610 is a Window's based application program for Series 6100 products. It comes ready-to-run or may be used as an Application Programmers Interface for designing custom applications.

Features include:

* Dual inputs, voltage and voltage mode charge

* IEEE-488, RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces

* 4 or 8-pole, low-pass filter

* 100K or 200K sample rate, 16-bit resolution

* 50kHz or 100kHz bandwidth

* Gains 1 to 5,000 with 0.05% resolution

* Automatic zero and gain calibration.

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