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SBS Technologies has introduced the newest members of its Telum AdvancedMC line of input and output (I/O) and processor modules.

Available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , this product increases the number of application options for telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs) in creating high performance, carrier grade network applications featuring Intel Pentium M processors.

The tight integration of SBS AdvancedMC modules with AdvancedTCA and proprietary architectures will provide TEMs and OEMs with high performance processing power and extensive I/O options, enabling quick time-to-market application deployment.

SBS now offers not only a complete line of I/O and processor AdvancedMCs, but also an AdvancedMC module chassis and an AdvancedMC expansion chassis designed to integrate seamlessly with SBS' Telum line. This AdvancedMC line will also fully support the MicroTCA platform when the PICMG specification has been completed.

SBS Telum products range from world-class telecommunications grade I/O to processor AdvancedMC modules.

The Telum line from SBS now offers Intel Pentium M processor power complemented by video and communications support for Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, T1, E1, J1, OC3, DS3, E3 and OC12.

SBS is also introducing a PCI-Express to AdvancedMC chassis - the PCIE - AMC-7S. The PCIE-AMC-7S allows PCI-Express-based workstations or servers to control a backplane populated with hot swappable AdvancedMC modules plugged directly into a backplane. This chassis will enable workstations to take advantage of the AdvancedMC cards available today.

SBS is also releasing the AMC-7S, a 2U 19” AdvancedMC standalone chassis that can be controlled by a Processor AdvancedMC plugged directly into its backplane. This passive backplane system will allow a computer to be built exclusively from AdvancedMC modules.

AdvancedMC technology, however, isn't limited to the AdvancedTCA architecture. Proprietary blades and carrier boards designed for specific central office applications and other high performance requirements are natural venues for SBS AdvancedMC modules.

Whether TEMs have already migrated to an open architecture like AdvancedTCA, or maintain their own proprietary chassis architecture, SBS mezzanine options such as PMC and AdvancedMC make it easy for them to lower their costs and reduce their time-to-market by taking advantage of the latest high performance high availability cards.

SBS is also developing an AdvancedMC carrier blade for the IBM eServer BladeCenter product line, capable of using up to 4 AdvancedMC modules to create application-specific blades from off-the-shelf Telum modules.

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