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InfiniBand driver with SDP and IPoIB for VxWorks

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SBS Technologies Inc has launched the IB4X-VXWORKS InfiniBand driver for the VxWorks real-time operating system with IPoIB and SDP protocols for InfiniBand HCAs - the first set of VxWorks drivers for InfiniBand host channel adaptors (HCAs).

Available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , this high-performance InfiniBand technology driver is ideal for VxWorks real-time applications that require high-speed data transfers such as medical imaging for MRI and CT equipment, radar and sonar and other applications that involve intensive image processing.

The IB4X-VXWORKS InfiniBand driver supports the Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP). This protocol provides a very high speed sockets interface that allows traditional sockets-based applications to take advantage of InfiniBand's advanced features and delivers much higher data transfer rates while using a significantly smaller portion of host CPU than standard socket interfaces.

The driver also supports the IPoIB. IPoIB provides the standard network socket interface. The VxWorks Subnet Manager is included to enable fabric discovery, initialisation and monitoring.

SBS Technologies also includes its Mirror API, a low-level application programming interface targeted specifically at real-time embedded applications.

The API runs on top of IB4X-VXWORKS to provide an easy-to-use interface to shorten application development time.

IB4X-VXWORKS complies with the VxWorks Ready Driver board support package (BSP) API so that it works across SBS Technologies’ wide range of Ready Driver x86 and PowerPC single board computers and I/O cards.

IB4X-VXWORKS driver provides up to 200MB/s throughput.

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