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article image Cortron model 121 industrial keyboard and pointing device.
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The Cortron model 121 series industrial keyboard/pointing device, from Metromatics , is a flexible, reliable product that offers good quality and conformability.

Lightweight and compact, the model 121 series is suitable for mobile or airborne applications and fits into standard RETMA rack systems. The model 121 is available with many options and can be adapted to meet specific design requirements.

The model 121 series is virtually impervious to contaminants found in harsh applications both indoors and in the field. Vital electronics and switch bearing surfaces are sealed for long-term protection against water, beverages, dust, dirt and many chemicals.

The industrial style model 121 include can be used in console CAD systems, factory automation, marine traffic control, and processing plants.

Its feature a sealed, spill proof, dust proof construction that is beverage immune. Electronics are protected from contamination by metal enclosures with welded seams. Key legends are durable and long life, and N-Key roll over improves high speed typing.

Trackballs (1 3/8" and 2"), mini joy sticks, mouse force sensors and touch pads are available optionally as pointing devices.

Optional electrical I/O interfaces include IBM PS/2, SUN, RS-232, RS-422, USB and more.

Cortron also provides optional backlighting features, optional electromagnetic protection, optional panel mount features and optional rack mount kits.

A filtered vent is also optionally available for extreme altitude and humidity changes.

The keyboards are also available in a range of colours and can be supplied with permanently or separate attached cables.

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