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PILLARHOUSE has introduced the new Topaz E series, designed for both small and large batch 'selective soldering' which is suitable for large manufacturers and small subcontractors.

Based on the low-cost principle of the company's standard Topaz single pot system, the E series also incorporates a conveyorised transport system that offers flexibility and fast cycle time when multiple modules are incorporated in-line.

The E series range, available from Metromatics , consists of three specification levels: E100 Single Z straight dip; E200 incorporating Double Z and 355° PCB rotation; and E300 offering the additional benefits of encoders on all axes, providing closed loop monitoring and control of the PCB positioning system.

Upon entering the machine on an adjustable belt drive conveyor, the PCB stops at a pre-determined pick-up point where the preferred tooling option removes the board from the conveyor and presents it to the fluxing station.

The ultrasonic fluxing system accommodates all types of commonly-used flux, and provides an atomised spray formation through a low maintenance clog resistant nozzle. Maximum and minimum board size is 305 x 254mm and 102 x 125mm respectively.

The soldering process utilises many different solder nozzles, ranging from the universal AP-1 for individual point soldering to more product specific nozzles for dedicated applications.

All solder applicators are of a quick fit side clamp location style which in turn facilitate easy retooling and product change-over. After completion of the fluxing and soldering operation the PCB is returned to the conveyor and exits the machine.

Soldering is enhanced by an inverted and heated nitrogen curtain that provides an invert atmosphere for the soldering process, but also assists in the prevention of oxidation whilst providing a local pre-heat to the joint, thus reducing thermal shock to localised components. Additional pre-heat is available through the optional Emerald PH, in-line pre-heat system.

The Topaz E series machines are controlled by a Windows-based PC that permits machine operation through a Windows NT interface. This offers unlimited program storage for individual programs up to 1600 combined flux and solder joints.

Programming is 'self-teach'. X-Y axes resolution is ±0.05mm (0.05mm resolution) and Z axis, with optional Double Z action (E200/300), has resolution 0.05mm and repeatability of 0.05mm.

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