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Improved ProTrack Prober upgrades

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HUNTRON, represented in Australia by Metromatics , has introduced new hardware and software improvements for its ProTrack Prober product line.

A high resolution colour camera system is now standard on the renamed Prober IIc and Prober IIIc.

Also, the new Huntron Workstation Software Version 3.4 includes an interface to the Router Solutions Inc (RSI) CAMCAD suite of software products.

These improvements further enhance the customer's ability to diagnose and troubleshoot printed circuit cards.

The addition of the Colour Camera was a result of customer requests and significantly improves visibility when navigating around the UUT. The picture displayed form the high resolution camera system can also assist the operator with visual inspection of the area under test.

Adding Huntron CAD and RSI's CAMCAD tools to the Huntron Workstation Software enhances test building and fault isolation.

The HAF (Huntron ASCII file) Assist interfacing and RSI CAMCAD convert PCB layout files into a standardised ASCII HAF Huntron from import into the Workstation software. This process also creates a CC (CAMCAD) file that contains the PCB CAMCAD layout information.

HAF Assist runs in conjunction with CAMCAD and provides shortcuts to panelisation, DFT, component pin offsetting, test point creation and alignment point selection, while still allowing full access to all the features of CAMCAD.

The ProTrack Model 20 is a tester for these probers whereby users can troubleshoot complex circuits such as switch power supplies with fail safe protection circuits containing many passive components and sold state devices.

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