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ITS 6055C-6GHD HS-SDI video insertion generators available from Metromatics

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Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS) presents the 6055C-6GHD HS-SDI video insertion generators, a line of 6-channel video inserters designed to insert GPS or IRIG B time, sampled precisely at vertical sync time into serial digital interface (SDI) video.  

Each video channel operates independently while the input video signals on each channel do not have to be synchronised and can be of different video formats. Time sampling is accurate to within 10 microseconds of the occurrence of a frame or field sync of each applied video signal.  

The unit auto-detects and decodes the imaging format permitting most DSI 480i/p, 720p or 108i/p NTSC or PAL sources to be connected without the need to change system settings. The time message may be inserted into the active video image with the colour and location selected by the user.  

When selected, the time is also inserted into the SDI meta-data (vertical ancillary packets). The time reference is derived from the internal GPS receiver, external IRIG B time code source or as read from previously encoded meta-data VANC packets. If the GPS or IRIG lock is lost, the unit will automatically continue to run on an internal clock.  

The 6055C-6GHD video insertion generators include a GPS synchronised IRIG B122 and IRIG B002 time code generator.  

The 6055C-6GHD video insertion generators can be operated remotely via the Ethernet or RS-232 ports. Commands applied to these ports allow the operator to configure the output video display, enter alphanumeric data, position the movable crosshair and read the unit status and time data. A detachable keyboard provides for local control of a unit.  

Key features of the 6055C-6GHD video insertion generators:  

  • Six independent video channels
  • Accepts SD, HD and 3G SDI video sources per SMPTE 259M/292M/424M
  • Auto detects and formats insertion for 480i/p, 720p and 1080i/p for both NTSC and PAL field/frame rates
  • Synchronised time to internal 1GPS, applied IRIG B as read from SDI media data
  • Inserts a time stamp synchronised to within 10usec of frame sync into each field/frame of video and the SDI VANC ancillary packet
  • Inserts movable crosshair and fixed boresight crosshair
  • Inserts up to two event/alarm marks into each video channel
  • Inserts up to 3920 characters of alphanumeric data into each video channel
  • Selects 1 of 16 colours individually for characters, crosshair and boresight crosshair
  • GPS synchronised IRIG B122 and IRIG B002 generator
  • Remotely controlled via Ethernet port and RS-232C serial port
  • Non-volatile memory saves key settings and certain insertions
  • Housed in a rack mountable aluminium enclosure (19" W x 3.5" H x 15" D)
  • Powered by 100 to 240VACf 50/60 Hz
ITS is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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