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Huntron’s New Access DH Dual Head Automated Probing Station from Metromatics

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The Huntron Access DH (dual head) automatic probing station, available from Metromatics opens the measurement spectrum to fixtureless diagnostic robotic probing.

The addition of a second point provides accurate automation of a two-point measurement, reducing the manual dexterity limits when an event needs to be captured.

The Huntron Access DH automatic probing station can be configured to work with almost any standard measurement instruction such as Huntron trackers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers and LCR meters.

Huntron access probers connect to the Huntron ProTrack, the Tracker Model 30 and TrackerPXI. Access probers can also be ordered with the Tracker Model 30 built-in for an all-in-one test solution.

The Huntron access probers allow economical, automated testing of densely packed surface-mount and other devices on the most complex boards from the smallest to the largest systems.

The precision robotic movements let the user probe points on the newest chips such as PLCCs, SOICs, PGAs, SSOPs and QFPs among others without any expensive fixtures or programming required.

Huntron access probers are designed to accurately access test points on printed circuit assemblies (PCAs). Their 20-micron accuracy achieved by micro-stepping and linear encoding ensures reliable probing of the smallest surface mounted components.

By using either the standard built-in test probe or a custom test probe, the Huntron access prober adds flying probe technology to new or existing equipment. The high resolution colour camera ensures correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.

The open design of the Huntron access prober and its software drivers allows design and implementation of customised test stations. Drivers are provided with Huntron access probers for custom application development in National Instruments LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI.

Features of Huntron Dual Head Automated Probing Station

  • High resolution USB colour cameras provide a clear view of the unit under test (UUT) for optimal test point positioning
  • Cameras are used for UUT alignment and teaching XY pin positions
  • Linear encoding on the X and Y axis ensures precise accuracy and movement resolution
  • Standard spring probes can easily be interchanged depending on the application
  • The Z probe can be customised to accommodate unique probes or custom probe arrays
  • Each probing test head is equipped with USB, Ethernet and FireWire interface connection
  • Also included, a number of supply voltages (3.3V to 12V) wired in for powering test cards that may be mounted to the heads
  • 5V and 24V drive lines can be used for switching relays or control of external needs

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