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Huntron access probers available from Metromatics

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Huntron, represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics , and Test Evolution (TEV), have introduced an automated RF measurement with NSFA (Near Field Signature Analysis) robotic probing station.

Combining the Huntron access robotic probing station and modified Huntron workstation software with Test Evolution’s new non-contact RF near field probe, with local synthetic measurement technology, sets the standard for near field signature analysis. The precise mechanical positioning (Huntron access prober), positions the compact near field RF probe that senses the EM fields emanating from the RF circuitry.

A specific position in a near field can be considered a Virtual Test Point (VTP) where a measurement can be made. Identical circuits emanate identical fields at the same point. The Huntron workstation software stores RF near field signatures of known good circuit VTPs and compares them with those of suspect circuits measured later. The deviations of the signatures show where failures may have occurred in the suspect circuits.

The combination of Huntron access prober and TEV RF probe allows accurate positioning and measurement of VTPs. This provides the repeatability to measure VTPs from 200MHz to 3GHz on RF Assemblies. Huntron and TEV provide automated testing solutions for the semiconductor, wireless, automotive and aerospace industries.

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