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IB4X-CPCI-2A HCA brings CompactPCI-based high-speed InfiniBand technology to data-intensive networks


  • 3.3V CompactPCI interface
  • Two 4X InfiniBand ports
  • RDMA support
  • Compatible with Mellanox gold and OpenIB software
  • Linux drivers with support for multiple ULPs
  • VxWorks drivers with support for multiple ULPs

SBS Technologies has introduced InfiniBand technology 4X dual-port optical-enabled CompactPCI Host Channel Adaptor (HCA).

The IB4X-CPCI-2A InfiniBand HCA is engineered to drive the performance of high-speed InfiniBand fabrics with low CPU utilisation. This 3U-sized InfiniBand HCA card comes with a 6U front panel; a 3U front panel is available on request.

The HCA's two 4X InfiniBand ports can deliver overall throughput close to 400 MB/s. Configured with 128 Mbytes of DDR memory, the IB4X-CPCI-2A provides the high throughput required for embedded data transport applications and high-performance computing clustering (HPCC).

The IB4X-CPCI-2A HCA available from Metromatics includes circuitry to detect and power an optional IB4X-OMC media converter device that allows the HCA to use fibre so users can conveniently select copper or fibre media on a port by port basis.

The IB4X-CPCI-2A supports many applications with remote direct memory access (RDMA) capabilities to reduce CPU overhead and free host processors for application use.

RDMA support and InfiniBand technology make a powerful combination for high-performance data networks, computer clustering, telecommunications and data storage traffic.

Application support includes Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) for running over existing TCP applications, Internet Protocol over InfiniBand (IPoIB) to run IP over InfiniBand links, SCSI Remote Protocol (SRP) initiator for storage area networking (SAN) and embedded application support such as video streaming.

The IB4X-CPCI-2A includes drivers for Linux with MPI, SRP, Mirror API, IPoIB, SDP and uDAPL support and Yellow Dog Linux drivers for 64-bit PowerPC platforms. VxWorks drivers with Mirror API for real time embedded applications are also available.

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