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SBS Technologies has introduced six high-speed, processor-efficient dataBLIZZARD computer communications interfaces for PCI, Compact PCI and PMC systems.

Featuring a powerful integrated DMA engine, dataBLIZZARD moves data from any system memory or PCI memory location in one system to a memory location in the other system.

The DMA engine provides sustained data transfer rates of 80MB/s (1.0625 Gbits/s raw data rate).

There are a variety of SBS dataBLIZZARD kits available such as:

· Model DBO-PCI-PCI - interconnects two PCI buses.

· Model DBO-CPCI-CPCI - joins two CompactPCI buses.

· Model DBO-PMC-PMC - connects two PMC systems.

· Model DBO-PCI-CPCI - interconnects a PCI bus and a CompactPCI bus.

· Model DBO-PCI-PMC -joins a PCI and a PMC system.

· Model DBO-CPCI-PMC - connects a CompactPCI bus and a PMC system.

Each dataBLIZZARD card has seven semaphores for the end user. Each card provides 192 Kbytes of 32-bit wide on-board memory for use as a mailbox or shared memory without accessing the remote bus.

The entire product line features universal signal voltage (5V, 3.3V), flexible mapping of local bus address space to remote memory, and programmed interrupts that can be passed between the local and remote system.

Software drivers are included with the kits. The software (on CD-ROM) provides all the tools required to access and control the hardware.

SBS drivers can be installed in both systems allowing concurrent peer-to-peer communications using processor reads and writes or DMA. The drivers allow access to system memory or a PCI address assigned to hardware. Metromatics 07 3868 4255.

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