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SBS Technologies, a leading provider of embedded computing technology, has introduced a new family of VME64 bus-to-bus adapters, the SBS 8x0 series. This family of VME64 bus adapters conveniently connects two buses: one VME64 with another VME64, or a VME64 with a PCI, PMC, or CompactPCI bus, effectively creating one virtual bus.

Available from Metromatics , this is the first bus adapter family to support VME64 and the first time a PCI mezzanine card (PMC) can be used to access a remote VME bus.

With the trend towards the adoption of more PC's in embedded computing applications, these adapters are ideal for connecting VME systems to a PC, workstation, or CompactPCI system eliminating the need for a single board computer or allowing a VME user to migrate to one of these other technologies while preserving their existing VMEbus investment.

The adapters allow each system's bus to operate independently and bus bandwidth is only affected when a memory or I/O reference is made from one system to another, enhancing performance.

Another feature is the adapter's unique memory mapping RAM. This allows any memory location on the VME bus to be mapped in the address space of the other bus. A processor on one bus can use a programmed I/O (PIO) to transparently read and write a remote memory location just as if it were a local bus access with as little as 2 microseconds of latency.

The mapping RAM also dynamically handles typical byte-swapping issues between the PCI and VME buses and supports contiguous or non-contiguous data blocks enabling data scatter/gather of up to 16 Mbytes of data with a single DMA.

The Controller Mode DMA allows data transfer in either direction to be initiated by the local or remote processor.

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