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article image The Maxim 524-R PMC I/O adaptor.
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SBS Technologies, represented in Australia by Metromatics Pty Ltd , has launched the Maxim 524-R PMC I/O adaptor.

SBS Technologies expands one of the broadest lines of communication I/O modules in the embedded industry by introducing the high-performance, cost-effective rear I/O access board set.

The modularity and scalability of the Maxim 524-R allows telecom developers to take advantage of the wide range of rear I/O access modules to ease development and integration time.

The Maxim 524-R consists of a single slot High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) protocol-based PMC adaptor and three rear transition modules (RTMs): a Quad Port Serial, the Dual Port DE (DS-3/E-3) and the Dual Port HSSI that support synchronous serial, DS3/E3 and HSSI communication. A T1/E1/J1 RTM will be available shortly.

The high-speed, quad port HDLC controller on the PMC adaptor offers an aggregate throughput of 216Mbps.

The Maxim 524-R line gives developers a unique, low-cost WAN I/O solution using the standard development kit to lessen development time and ease system integration for reduced time-to-market.

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