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GE’s new FACEREF1 platform allows FACE developers to minimise cost, risk and time-to-market

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The new FACEREF1 software reference platform from GE Intelligent Platforms is designed to allow organisations developing FACE-compliant applications to take advantage of COTS solutions to reduce risk, cost and time-to-market.
GE’s rugged FACEREF1 platform allows customers to try pre-configured, pre-validated and pre-tested COTS software, develop application code, and demonstrate capabilities on a rugged platform that is capable of being deployed on real airborne platforms.
Leading the development of open standards for avionics systems, the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium is creating a technologically appropriate open FACE reference architecture, standards and business model that will ensure interoperability, increase portability, promote innovation and competition, bring advanced capabilities to the warfighter faster and lower implementation costs.
The FACE initiative aims to create an environment in which advanced, yet proven computing technologies can be deployed to the warfighter faster and at lower cost. The FACEREF1 platform allows these objectives to be met by taking advantage of an off-the-shelf, high performance solution that features a high Technology Reference Level (TRL), is ready to run, and eliminates the time, risk and cost typically incurred by developers creating a solution in-house.
GE is working closely with Wind River Systems and Presagis to ensure that their software roadmaps for FACE-compliant operating system, OpenGL and HMI tools work out of the box on the FACEREF1 hardware platform.
Key features of GE’s FACEREF1 Software Reference Platform: 
  • Complete, rugged subsystem featuring GE’s SBC312 single board computer and PMCCG1 graphics PMC
  • SBC312 based on Freescale’s Power Architecture P4080 8-core processor
  • PMCCG1 features the high performance/low power S3 2300E GPU
  • 4-lane PCI Express to PCI-X bridge functions as interface between the CPU and GPU allowing high-bandwidth connectivity

GE Intelligent Platforms is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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