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GE Intelligent Platforms’ Rugged 6U OpenVPX Ethernet Switches available from Metromatics

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The NETernity GBX460 rugged 6U OpenVPX data plane switch modules launched by GE Intelligent Platforms are 10 Gigabit Ethernet solutions designed for defence and aerospace applications.

NETernity GBX460 Ethernet switches support low latency, high throughput interprocessor communications (IPC) between 10GigE-enabled processing nodes for deployed defence and aerospace applications.

Featuring 20 (optionally 24) 10GigE data plane ports and 16GigE control plane ports, the GBX460 Ethernet switches support non-blocking, low latency data transfers across a multiprocessing cluster at up to full wire speed, enabling new levels of performance for highly demanding ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) applications.

The Ethernet switches are designed to provide a high speed interface for sensor I/O, IPC and data distribution to the backend processing clusters typically found in C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) infrastructures.

Key features of the GBX460 Ethernet switches: 

  • Unmanaged switches that can support multiple slots/module profiles for maximum flexibility and throughput
  • Suitable for customer applications that require the switch to be fully functional for network-connected devices as soon as possible after power-on
  • Used in a number of military programs including defence and aerospace applications
  • Supports a large number of 10GigE ports to maximise data throughput capabilities
  • Can optionally support up to four front panel 10GigE fibre ports to enable connectivity to external networks
  • OpenVPX compatible, allowing it to easily integrate with other OpenVPX compatible products
  • Available in conduction cooled variants to allow deployment in harsh environments
  • Key COTS building block that provides new levels of performance and scalability to system integrators
  • Allows system integrators to process data from multiple sources in shorter time frames expanding mission capability across a range of ISR and C4I platforms
  • Beneficial for customers needing support for high-end graphics and video applications such as situational awareness, radar and sensor processing
  • Provides 20 x 10GigE data plane fat pipes and 16 x 1 GigE control plane ultra-thin pipes to support multi-board 6U VITA65 (OpenVPX) system configurations

Multi-board systems can be configured using the GBX460 together with GE processor boards such as the Intel Core i7-based SBC622 single board computer as well as IPN250 and NPN240 NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPGPU platforms.

As with all GE embedded computing solutions, the GBX460 benefits from a range of long-term support programs designed to maximise customer return on investment. 

A fully managed Layer 2/3 version of the GBX460 will be announced early in 2011.

GE Intelligent Platforms is a high-performance technology company and global provider of software, hardware, services as well as expertise in automation and embedded computing solutions.  

GE Intelligent Platforms is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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