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GE Intelligent Platforms Offers the Latest Addition to the PACSystems RX3i Family of CPUs

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GE Intelligent Platforms is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .   

GE Intelligent Platforms has recently announced the availability of its latest and most powerful addition to the PACSystems RX3i family of CPUs.  

The new RX3i CPU315 is aimed at the needs of high performance control applications and is ideal for a wide range of applications where larger amounts of data and application optimisation are needed.  

Typical applications where the new PACSystems CPU is useful are in water and waste as well as power and process control.  

The PACSystems CPU incorporates the powerful Intel M class 1Ghz processor to provide unprecedented speed and performance. The efficiency of the CPU315 enables applications to reduce machine cycle times and improve productivity.  

In addition to the increased performance, the PACSystems CPU has 20 Mbytes of user memory available – twice that of what was previously available – making it capable of addressing critical customer requirements for high speed processing and large data storage.  

Key features of the PACSystems CPU:

  • 20 Mbytes of battery-backed user memory and 20 Mbytes of non-volatile flash user memory
  • Access to bulk memory via reference table
  • Configurable data and program memory
  • Programming in ladder diagram, structured text, function block diagram and C
  • Auto-located Symbolic variables that can use any amount of user memory
  • Reference table sizes include 32Kbits for discrete %I and %Q and up to 32K words each for analogue %AI and %AQ
  • Supports up to 512 program blocks; maximum block size is 128KB
  • Two serial ports including an RS-485 serial port and an RS-232 serial port

The PACSystems RX3i CPU features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control choices.  

The PACSystems control engine provides high performance on several different platforms, allowing OEMs and end users with application variability to choose the exact control system hardware that best suits their needs – all in a single, compact and highly integrated package.

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