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GE Fanuc Embedded Systems unveils Telum 1204-03

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GE Fanuc Embedded Systems launched the Telum 1204-03, an intelligent high performance multi-service 4 Port OC-3/STM1 advanced MC Module.


  • Up to 4 ports of OC-3/STM1 (155 Mb/s) or up to 2 ports of OC-3/STM1 and 2 ports of 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet to front panel
  • Advanced MC compliance
  • Numerous applications: VolP gateways, video streaming, ATM to IP gateways & DSLAM.
Telum 1204-03 is an intelligent high performance and cost effective AdvancedMC module designed for high availability telecom edge access applications. This full height module supports multiple front panel configuration options including,

  • 4 ports of ATM OC-3/STM1 or
  • 2 ports of ATM OC-3/STM1 and 2 ports of 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet or
  • 3 ports of ATM OC-3/STM1 and 1 port of 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet.
This AdvancedMC includes two lanes of Gigabit Ethernet (AMC.2 Type E2) to the common options region, and one lane of PCI Express (AMC.1 Type 1) to the fat pipes region for high speed communications.

The Telum 1204-03 can terminate traffic for ATM (AAL0, AAL2 and AAL5) and Gigabit Ethernet. ATM features include Traffic Management, UNI 3.1 and per VC queuing. The Telum 1204-03 has Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) that connects to the Advanced MC Management Bus and is Hot Swap capable in compliance of AMC.0.

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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