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Futek internally amplified rotary torque sensor TRS605

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Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has introduced an internally Amplified Rotary Torque Sensor. The TRS605 Rotary Torque Sensor with
Non-contact shaft to shaft has signal transmission, integral measurement electronics and a high level of interference immunity. The sensor is anon-contact (slip-ring-free) rotary torque sensor and is made from a compact design and size with rotational speeds of up to 7.000 RPM. This particular torque sensor uses inductance for power and output signals. An advantage to this slip-ring-free torque sensor is less friction during applications enabling a higher RPM.

Futek’s non-contact shaft Rotary Torque Sensor is available in a wide capacity ranging from 9 in-lb (1 N-m), to 8,851 in-lb (1000 N-m) with a +/- 5VDC Output. The torque sensor is built with an internal shunt to simulate 5VDC and 11-26 VDC excitation. The TRS605 also comes with an optical encoder with 36- pulses per revolution and has a leading and trailing pulse to determine rotational direction. Other specs include nonlinearity to 0.2%, CE compliant, feathered keyways to DIN 6885 standards and bonded foil strain gauge technology.

This version with shaft ends and mounting support can be used as a functional check on tilt procedures or rotation monitoring. With the option of changeable mounting positions, applications for left and right hand torque readings as well as the static and dynamic conditions are possible. The TRS605 Rotary Torque Sensors offers a unique solution for torque auditing and automotive applications. The reliable measurement of constant and variable torques, allow this sensor to be used in quality assurance testing of motors or gear drives. Other common rotary torque sensor applications include engine or drive train testing, hinge or crank life cycle testing, roll forming process control and test stands.

Thanks to the inductive, non-contact transfer of the supply voltage and the optical, non-contact transmission of the measuring signal, the sensor can be used wherever low-wear and maintenance-free operation, high speeds or continuous running are required. The Rotary Torque Sensor series offers a cost effective non contact digital rotary torque measurement solution, using strain gauge technology, suitable for torque monitoring, testing or controlling drive mechanisms. FUTEK TRS series transducers and their technology are particularly appropriate for OEM applications.

Product Highlights:

• Internally Amplified: +/-5VDC rated output.
• Non-contact signal transfer.
• Compact size.
• Utilised Strain Gauge Technology.
• Wide capacity output range.
• Integrated Encoder for angle & speed feedback.

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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