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APPLIED Microsystems Corporation, manufacturer of the "TAP" series of microprocessor emulators, has announced SuperTAP and CodeTAP support for the MPC862 family and MPC857T-members of Motorola's PowerQUICC family of integrated communications processors.

Applied now offers full debug, test and emulator support for the entire MPC8XX PowerQUICC family.

CodeTAP is a low cost emulator for firmware and real time operating system (RTOS) engineers working on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware or commercial single board computers.

CodeTAP has a cost-conscious feature set that delivers visibility into internal processor resources, and is ideal for developers working on board bring up, driver and RTOS board support package development and software unit testing.

SuperTAP is Applied's top-of-the-line high performance in-circuit emulator with full overlay, bus trace, event detection and disassembler capabilities required for application, firmware and hardware development.

Even if silicon is not available, SuperTAP developers can begin software development by using its 8Mbyte overlay memory system which temporarily replaces the silicon on the board so the engineer gets a head start on debug and test of hardware and software product designs.

SuperTAP's built in bus provides the engineer an effective way to locate the most obscure bugs plus see the context of the code causing them.

Its register inferencing trace disassembler produces detailed instruction execution data, including memory and register state. Both SuperTAP and CodeTAP allow the user to see all integrated peripheral registers of the MPC8XX processors, displaying them via a user-friendly interface together with a bit-level description.

Both products come with the latest release of MWX-ICE 4.4-the industry's most robust C/C++ symbolic debugger.

The comprehensive compiler coverage that comes with both SuperTAP and CodeTAP together with MWX-ICE means engineers do not have to change their compiler to use these tools - an important time and cost advantage. Metromatics 07 38684255.

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