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FocalSpot introduces new X – Ray Image Processor

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FocalSpot, a provider of cost effective BGA/SMT inspection and rework solutions to the SMT electronic manufacturers industry, has introduced its new addition to the Verifier Image Processor (VIP) Application Software Series, called VIPx. VIPx provides an extended feature set of advanced SMT/BGA inspection capabilities and image enhancement tools to address current industry requirements.

VIPx is a PC/Windows XP based Image Processor that delivers advanced solder joint, package and PCB board level diagnostic software capabilities for enhanced visualisation, precise measurement and user defined (pass or fail) analysis of SMT/BGA solder joints, PCBs, components, mechanical parts and electrical interconnections. VIPx is suitable for upgrading almost any x-ray inspection system, (manual or semi-automated) with PC-based functionality.

What makes VIPx unique, is its low-cost and advanced application centric tool set, which is optimised to provide maximum ease-of-use by focusing on key high-use features facilitated by wizard-driven diagnostic helpers. VIPx increases inspection accuracy and productivity through algorithm-based inspection modules which automatically find solder connections and perform measurement and defect detection by operator defined pass/fail analysis criteria. By way of this collective image processing, VIPx assists the operator by automatically finding failures at the solder joint level or selected regions of interest (voids, opens, shorts, ball size, ball shape, etc.) by colour-coded indicators; thereby making it easier for an operator to identify specific subtle anomalies. In addition, VIPx delivers data collection and comprehensive measurement reporting to further isolate, quantify and document faults for corrective action.

Features / tools:

  • BGA Analysis Module: Automatically finds BGA connections and measures: BGA ball diameter, area, void, solder amount. Rules can be set up to find defects such as:
  • Bridging, Opens, Voids, No / Low Solder, Poor Reflow.
  • SMT Analysis Module: Automatically finds the solder joint and measures solder area, voiding and solder amount. Rules can be set up to find defects such as Bridging, Opens, Voids, No/Low Solder and Poor Reflow.
  • Custom Analysis Module: Irregularly shaped objects or regions of interest can be drawn with the mouse to measure solder and void content.
  • Package Analysis Module: Measure wire sweep and wire loop heights.
  • PCB Analysis Module: Measure drill offset and inner layer mis-registration.
  • Image Enhancement Module: The x-ray images can be sharpened, relieved, coloured, and 3D plotted to provide visual enhancements.
  • Text annotation, Image Storage, and Reporting.

VIPx is a major extension of the VIP Software series (VIP, VIP+) provided on FocalSpot’s Verifier, Concept FX, and refurbished Nicolet X-ray equipment products. The VIP Software series can also be added to any camera based x-ray inspection systems provided in the industry.

The new X – Ray Image Processor is available from Metromatics.

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